If you are looking for a unique dining experience with immersive elements, exceptional set design and fabulous costumes look no further than Disco Dining Club and Grim Wreather’s The Flowering of the Strange Orchid. Inspired by the classic HG Wells’ short story, this experience brings to life the beauty of exotic bloodsucking plants with an incredible 5 course meal by the talented Laurent Quenioux of LQ Foodings. This private event at a beautiful Los Angeles residence will have you feeling like a Hollywood A-lister and provide you a out of the ordinary experience.

As the focal point of the evening the dining experience was among one of the many highlights of The Flowering of the Strange Orchid. A long candlelit table beneath the moon, sets the scene for carnivorous plants to spring to life. As a musician strums, plants slowly begin to weave through tables giving every guest a chance to marvel at exotic blooming creatures in the moonlight. While being serenaded with gentle string rhythms under the stars, a five course meal is provided with cocktail pairings included with each course. It is important to denote that the meal was anything but ordinary. Chef Quenioux developed unique flavor profiles and surprisingly delicious ingredient combinations that you more than likely have never tasted before. This event is truly a culinary experience surrounded by beauty and themes of horror. Libations are just as unique as the food offerings with unusual and unique flavors in each cocktail. A CBD infused cocktail was one of the many unique flavors showcased. Table wine was also provided ensuring abundant libations throughout the evening.  If a guest desires even more horror elements, they can take the opportunity to try crickets, by Bugible, with their meal as a pallet cleanser between courses. Although the courses are very meat heavy, vegetarians can be accommodated and still receive an elevated palatable experience.

Indoors, as a harp player performs while custom tea tastings by OneTea take place throughout the evening where guests can receive a personalized blend while learning information about different teas from around the world. Guests also have the opportunity to explore the bottom floor of the picturesque residence and enjoy festive horror themed wreaths decorating the walls. After dinner ends, a live DJ sets the tone of the after party ending the night on another high note. All guest receive a gift bags with many useful goodies and an invitation to another event, whiskey tasting at the Macallan Manor.

The Flowering of the Strange Orchid provides an upscale dining opportunity among a beautiful setting with live entertainment and horror themes. Although the story line and character interaction were not prominent, the decadent meal and enchanting surroundings create a compelling experience. The Flowering of the Strange Orchid is an artistic foodies dream come true and a worthwhile experience if you are able to splurge. For more information visit https://www.discodiningclub.com/events/strangeorchid.

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