As a kid, growing up near the city of Ontario, I was always fascinated by Chaffey High School. If you drive by it, you’ll see huge old buildings a little too ornate-looking to be a regular high school. Throughout high school, you’d hear stories about their amazing auditorium and how it was supposedly haunted. I’d always wanted to explore more of the 117-year-old school. Imagine my excitement when I found out they were putting on a haunt this year, not only in the school but in the most haunted part of the school. A part that has been closed off for the last 40 or so years: The basement.

What I didn’t know, was that this basement had also been used as a morgue for the county during the 1960s. As you walk through the haunt, you walk through the very same freezer where they stored bodies, loop through the labyrinthine hallways and ascend the old freight elevator where you encounter some truly shocking scares.

For the price of $10 in support of the theater department, this is really a fun experience. At a run-time of 12 minutes from start to finish, you enter the basement in groups of 4-6 and this really serves to immerse you in the maze, as you don’t have people in front or behind you to ruin the scares. The theater students serve as the scarers and they really do a great job. Throughout the maze you’ll run into some familiar faces, such as Leatherface and Pennywise, just to name a few. The deeper into the basement you go, the more scares await you all culminating in your ascension through the bowels of the basement in a real working freight elevator where your ride is interrupted by a ghoul or two eager to ride with you.

The haunt runs through Halloween night and will be back next year with more scares!

Chaffey High School is located at 1245 North Euclid ave. in Ontario. Look it up and learn about its haunted history.

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