Photo from Pageant of the Monsters

From the makers of the infamous Pageant of the Masters, a staple of the Laguna Beach artist community since 1932, brings you Pageant of the Monsters a Halloween festival and celebration. This family friendly event provides Halloween activities for all ages and a hauntingly good time. With a maze, arts and crafts, airbrush tattoos, an alien autopsy experience, a reptile zoo, fortune tellers, scaractors roaming the grounds, and art boutiques, there is something for everyone at Pageant of the Monsters.

Photo from Pageant of the Monsters

Their main attraction, Raiders of the Lost Art, combines themes from Indiana Jones films in a haunted walkthrough attraction. Famous for their ability to bring paintings to life using people to create 3D images, their Pageant of the Monsters attempts to bring moving pictures or films to life and help immerse attendees in ancient ruins similar to those seen in Indiana Jones films. Although there are a few jump scares, themes of insects and reptiles, and spooky rooms, this attraction is not particularly scary and can be enjoyed by most children age 6 and older. The set design of Raiders of the Lost Art was impressive and appeared to utilize high quality props from their Pageant of the Masters event. The space for the event is large creating some difficulty with transition from room to room that can take you out of the experience. However, the rooms themselves were well decorated and designed.  One room in particular was of a teacher explaining facts regarding ancient ruins that provided a really smooth transition to following rooms and was my favorite of the attraction. The ending can be improved upon as there wasn’t a conclusive ending in the experience. Overall, it was an enjoyable walk through that feels true to the spirit of the festival in promoting art to individuals of all ages.

After completing the maze, attendees have many options for entertainment at the festival. In promoting art and culture, there are at least 3 different craft stations to create artwork with ghosts, pumpkins, and masks. Attendees can see work of local artists and vote for the best scarecrow rendition.  A reptile zoo allows attendees to get up close and personal with animals they may have encountered in the Raiders of the Lost Art maze. Additionally, the Alien Autopsy experience is a highlight in providing a unique spooky and lighthearted experience that is bound to have participants both nervous and laughing. Participants may want to eat before the experience as there are limited drinks and snacks at the festival with potentially long lines. However, there are plenty of places to sit, relax, and take in the festival.

Overall, Pageant of the Monsters is an enjoyable family friendly experience that makes you feel like you are part of the community. With tickets from $10-20 it is an extremely affordable and incredible bargain to add to your Halloween activities. Tickets can be purchased at

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