Welcome ghoulish guests! It’s haunting season and Halloween is drawing near and that means Malvolia, the Queen of Screams has another annual special of course!

At Nightmarish Conjurings were definitely fans of Malvolia’s, “work” if you know what I mean. That’s why I was excited to see what she had in store for us with this year’s Halloween special.

The short opens very reminiscent of the Saw franchise but with a Queen of Screams style obviously. Appearing in front of her “Dinner guests” along with her right hand man, Victor, they kick it off with announcing a game and a round of shots. This escalates quickly as one of the guests drops dead. All of her prisoners have wronged her in one way or another so you definitely feel that her villainy is totally justified. Although, I can almost always agree with her actions, she is a damn demon after all!

They really upped the ante this year with some increases on the use of effects and some fun gore. From eating a live person to a sequence of Hunter Johnson (2Jennifer) gutting himself to find a key hidden in his stomach, you can tell they had a ton of fun with it. I know I had fun as the viewer. They even threw in a fun fight scene between Victor and one of the victims.

In addition to the effects, I really enjoyed, as usual, all of the funny quips and horror culture references. From Dogma to Scream, Malvolia doesn’t spare the goofy and quirky jokes and I loved every minute of it.

I can’t wait to see what the “Scream Queen” has in store for us next month for Thanksgiving. I’m sure she’ll really “carve up” and serve us a hell of a good time!!

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