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Scareventures returns to “The Haunted Lodge” with Camp Calavera for the 2018 haunt season in San Diego, California. The team amped up their haunt with more scares to frighten the unlucky campers this year. While the story is essentially similar to what they had last year, it was a bit more cohesive and the scares built up to the grand finale of the haunt.

The story goes, Camp Calavera was once a fun and popular campground, but it all changed and people avoid the area once the sun sets. As you enter the lodge, you are greeted by a park ranger who warns you about the strange and evil happenings of the campground and to be careful. Then you meet a haunted camp counselor who tells you about the good ol’ days of the campground only to see the fate of a once loved area turn into evil. He arms you with only a flashlight as he sends you on your way to witness the unholy rituals of the campground. This includes 6th Grade Camp dorms, the Bait Shop, a cavern filled with spiders; to name a few. Once you think you’re home free, you pass by the Azbell Lumber Company and get chased out by crazed chainsaw wielding lumberjacks.

As mentioned before, this experience was certainly an upgrade from last year. Better effects, great mood lighting and sounds, as well as the great cast of characters you meet along the way. For a local homegrown haunt, this was a grade A in my book. Definitely coming back next year to see what Scareventures bring to The Haunted Lodge!

The Haunted Lodge is at The El Cajon Elks Lodge 1812, 1400 E Washington Ave, El Cajon, CA 92019. More information at

Image courtesy of Scareventures
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