Immersive Experience: Snow Fridge’s Halloween Show

This October, SNOW FRIDGE is back with a newly crafted Halloween show aimed at exploring your fears. Similar to the original, guests are asked to fill out a questionnaire prior to attending the event to create a truly individualized experience. Although a similar concept, the masterminds behind SNOW FRIDGE created a vastly new experience that challenges guests to make friends with their greatest fear. This creative team deserves special kudos for being able to improvise and create such unique personalized narratives for attendees. This playful immersive piece specifically crafted to you will contribute to your personal growth and bring out your inner child!

Many immersive theater experiences are regarded as being therapeutic by attendees. Although perhaps an unpopular opinion, I’d argue that SNOW FRIDGE is one of the few that provides the framework to be truly therapeutic in creating a nonjudgemental, non-threatening safe container, where the individual has almost complete agency over the experience. SNOW FRIDGE is personalized specifically to you and creates a non-threatening atmosphere to explore your inner truth. You are the star and conductor of the experience and have the agency to go as deep or as superficial as you want to go. The actors represent reflections of you that will follow your lead and mirror your feelings. It feels almost like a psychodrama where characters represent different parts of yourself. Although you have some input into what parts they play, there is some creative license of the actors to represent different parts of you. Nonetheless, the actors create childlike, playful, and respectful portrayal of you that are nothing if not lovable. I particularly enjoyed when one of the characters shared what it was like for them to be feared by me and the other parts of my personality. It was interesting to imagine what happens when aspects of your unconscious are ignored, not acknowledged. or not accepted. When these disarming characters depict your greatest fear before your eyes, it is difficult not to welcome them in to your heart.

Granted my experience is likely to be different from others as it is deeply personal, attendees should expect to receive a unique and thought provoking experience that is tons of fun. You will be challenged to let go of your inhibitions, play, and truly be yourself when you enter the SNOW FRIDGE. Tickets are on sale HERE.

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