What’s there to say about CIRCLE other than it’s a gripping short that looks at mortality. Martin Melnick directed CIRCLE, which stars Shannon Beeby, Michael Joseph Draper, Jessica Lynn Skinner, and Janae Werne.

It’s about two doomed people (Eury and Daniel) who are driving on an endless road in the rain and are being followed by an unseen creature (which I think I figured out who is chasing them).

There is one scene where Eury tells a haunting tale about how a man who lived with them (who she said wasn’t her father) and left her to die out in the woods. That’s probably the scariest part of the short, though there is a scene where Eury stops the car even after Daniel tells her that’s a bad idea. The number one rule from what I’ve learned from watching CIRCLE is just keep driving and whatever is after you, will stay away even if it means that you will be driving forever.

There are also little flashbacks of the couple in happier times as well as how they ended up on this endless road. It’s not entirely clear, but that’s the mystique about the short. CIRCLE gives you just enough story and then the rest is up to your own interpretation like what’s in the box that’s in the back seat.

Would I say it has that creep factor? I would say, it does. It’s unsettling not because of the death aspect, but being lost is scary too. There aren’t exactly monsters jumping in front of them or serial killers, but something way worse. Something that nobody can control.

Overall CIRCLE is visually appealing and strange. I found both Shannon Beeby and Michael Joseph Draper’s performances to be worth noting about. After knowing nothing about it beforehand, I would say that Martin directed a terrific short.  It makes you think about life and death in less than 20 minutes…

Jessica Lynn Skinner in CIRCLE
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