Soldiers killing Nazi zombies tends to be reserved for video games, but Bad Robot’s OVERLORD doesn’t let that stand in its way.

Somewhere between Saving Private Ryan, Inglorious Basterds and Planet Terror sits this fresh take on the zombie genre.

A small group of American soldiers are dropped behind enemy lines to take down a radio tower.  After crash landing, they stumble across a French woman and her family. This family includes a “sick” aunt back from the Nazi laboratory hidden inside the tower.  The soldiers investigate the mysterious lab and discover the sinister experiments the Nazis are carrying out in a ploy to create immortal soldiers. They set on to complete their mission, and consider the repercussions of the Nazis’ serum in any hands.

The entire cast really shines, fitting into familiar tropes of soldier ensembles, played expertly against the science fiction and horror elements, which is what make this film unique.  Wyatt Russell lives up to his namesake, as the cold and brooding hero in a monster filled world.

The biggest departure from the zombie genre is how the villains are given supervillain treatment. From their appearance to their scores, Red Skull and Doctor Poison would blend seamlessly into this universe.

Without a doubt, this movie contains the best and most terrifying zombie transformation ever on screen.  We often compare werewolf transformations in film, and OVERLORD throws zombies into the ring making them worthy of the same discourse.

A fun supernatural military flick with great looking action and even better-looking gory faces, OVERLORD will definitely satiate your action horror craving.

Jovan Adepo in OVERLORD | Photo credit: Paramount Pictures
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