As I made my way up the hill to the ScareHouse, three teenagers ran screaming past me. One nearly bowled me over but I side stepped her just in time. Looking up to the top of the hill, I saw a 6ft clown disappear behind the wall.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s ScareHouse boasts that it’s Pittsburgh’s scariest haunted house and they really strive to hold true to that hefty claim.  As I said, the haunt itself is at the top of a hill in a quaint little town right outside of downtown Pittsburgh. From where I stood, the whole building looked abandoned and there weren’t really any signs pointing me up. No, what drew me up were the screams.

Once you reach the top of the hill you’re immediately met by a huge line of eager haunters and monsters eager to haunt. The energy was overwhelmingly positive from everyone waiting to get in and the staff. All around the haunt, the roads are blocked off so it’s just sort of a fun free for all of people walking around and scaring each other. And, safety bonus, it’s very well lit and their are cops on site at all times and in the street. Oh! And there’s a public basketball court in case you need something to pass the time waiting to get in.

But, of course, the party really starts inside. I was lucky enough to have RIP tickets which let me jump the at least hour and a half long line that was building up outside. In no time, I was inside and being instructed on haunted house safety etiquette  and on my way.

Look guys, I’ve been a horror fan since I was 8 and I go to haunted houses every year. Sure, they startle me but few really get audible reactions out of me. To my happy surprise this one really managed to get under my skin. There were several moments where I almost straight up left my husband behind and ran through to the next room.

In addition to the fantastic scares, it’s clear the folks behind making ScareHouse possible really care about the haunt as a work of art. At one point I walked past a glass case of dolls, some of which looked to be hand painted, that each had a card with their story on it. I wanted to stop and read all of them! No wonder Guillermo del Toro loved this place too!

If you live anywhere near this place or you’re ever in Pittsburgh on a chilly October night, I beseech you to check this place out. The ScareHouse offers several ticket options including a Light’s Out option where you can navigate through the haunt in total darkness and a Behind the Scenes option where you can get a tour of the haunt and all its details. I’ll definitely need to do a BTS tour in the future. My only regret this time around is not being able to check out their second haunt, The Basement. From what I understand it’s a more immersive theatrical experience in where you sign a waiver and things can get really interesting.

This is a solid haunt, check it out and bring your friends!

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