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Reality X is an up and coming immersive experience company that seeks to blend live experiences with real world immersion, puzzle solving, and monetary prizes. With the company’s launch experience titled WELCOME HOME diving head deep into the horror genre, many fans of films such as The Strangers will be able to get a glimpse of just the tip of the iceberg for what The Reality X has in store for the community.

I got a chance to chat with Cameron and discuss what inspired him to create Reality X, how his greatest fears helped inform his creative process behind WELCOME HOME, and what he has in store for all of us once WELCOME HOME wraps up.

Nightmarish Conjurings: For someone who is not aware of Reality X, how best would you describe it? Because it doesn’t seem like it can be pigeon holed as just an escape room or just an immersive experience.

Cameron Cooper: Reality X is a new breed of experience. It isn’t an escape room nor is it immersive theatre, but an immersive experience. We merge life and beyond this world scenarios to create an experience where guests have the freedom to be engulfed in these scenarios with as much realism as we possibly can make it out to be. Instead of the usual locked inside a room with a 60 minute timer, in our events, there is no timer available and you have an entire property. If an intruder were to break in, would there be a timer present and would you be confined to a room? We think not. So we have a mansion and 5-10 acres to explore.

Nightmarish Conjurings: How has the Creator’s experience within the realm of reality TV informed the creative process behind Reality X?

CC: I love social experiments and competitive tv shows, ie. Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race. I actually created TRX (The Reality X) out of spite from being cut and ghosted from Survivor. In these shows, players are like avatars being controlled by themselves but also as if they have the freedom to do whatever it takes to win. People have different approaches, instead of having strict rules, you are free to go about any event how you please. As long as you don’t cheat, steal or break rules, do whatever it takes to win, please. We have seen a wide variety of techniques and approaches that people use to hide, get away, and escape traps, and its very admirable. Working on these shows, I know what is needed, the connections and shortcuts in certain events and the bigger than life things, such as [reality] TV, which is appropriate to carry out in order to be successful.

Nightmarish Conjurings: You guys offer a cash prize at the end of the experience, which is definitely something that would make anyone do a double take. What was the reasoning behind offering the prize to participants?

CC: Aside from the Reality aspect, I wanted to up the ante and drive people to make risky decisions, leave their partner, etc. Upping the stakes means that, for the winner, it’s more rewarding. Unfortunately, it makes people second guess and reflect on personal error. It intrigues guests; similar to gambling or the lottery, it’s a chance. The chances of someone being smarter, quicker, more efficient or lucky is only 1 in 15.

Photo Courtesy of The Reality X Instagram

Nightmarish Conjurings: You have three experiences lined up for Reality X and the descriptions of them are very tantalizing to say the least. You have WELCOME HOME, which is rapidly approaching its debut date. That experience is giving me major The Strangers-related vibes. Aside from potential movie/pop culture references, what would you say has been your inspiration behind the creation of Welcome Home?

CC: Besides the spite, my biggest fear isn’t snakes, spiders or failure. It’s the event of someone breaking in and the different variables involved. A spider or a snake, it bites you or it doesn’t. Period. An invasion can include death, injury, hiding, running, climbing, fighting, freezing, the list goes on and on. Think of this: You get up in the middle of the night to grab a drink of water because you forgot to do so the night prior. The street light or porch light is on and has a glow through your window. That’s when you see, in the corner of the room, just beyond the light illuminating in, a shadow. What do you do?

Nightmarish Conjurings: Next on the docket is VICTOR and SUSPICION. These two seem individually inspired by Hunger Games and Clue, but also seem like so much more. How would you describe these two experiences for potential participants?

CC: SUSPICION will be debuting sooner than we thought, be prepared for twists and turns. You will be in the case and you will need to pay attention to every detail. Every guest is there for a reason and has a secret they know and nobody else does. A murder has taken place and crime scene evidence cards are everywhere. Talk and listen to the family members that are grieving and in shock. Discover who, what and where to win. It could be an actor. It could be another guest. It could be you.

VICTOR is similar to the CW show Capture. Will guests hit each other? Unfortunately not. Will guests strip from their clothing (privately of course) and suit up, practice, represent a faction, and fight, yes. Survive and gather food and supplies yes. We are working on kinks like the length of gameplay, the tech being mobile, but we expect it to be released in late 2019. In the meantime, we will debut SUSPICION and do pop up event on the weekends across the country beforehand.

Nightmarish Conjurings: What advice would you give attendees coming to your experiences on how to get the most out of Reality X?

CC: If you come in not wanting to participate, follow rules, and be safe, trust me when I say that you are going to have a miserable time. It is all perspective and what you put into it. Have an open mind and think outside the box because $250 doesn’t come easily. Expect more events, experiences, and new products in the future…

The Reality X is currently running WELCOME HOME for the Halloween season and tickets are still available for October 26-28. More information and tickets are available on their website here. Tickets are currently $92 and the show runs for a duration of 2.5 hours. Make sure to also check out our review of The Reality X – Welcome Home HERE.

Photo Courtesy of The Reality X Instagram
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