Event Recap: Madame Tussauds ILLUSIONS OF HORROR

There may not be a more fitting location to honor classic horror than Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood. Centered on the Hollywood Walk of fame, in the heart of the film capital of the world, Madame Tussauds invites you to take selfies with the stars. This Halloween season, Madame Tussauds is unveiling it’s Illusions of Horror exhibit featuring beloved horror characters both old and new. Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, and Hannibal Lecter are a few of the chilling icons attendees can visit in full life size proportions. There is also a photo opportunity to dress in Georgie’s raincoat and pay tribute to IT. With the cost of admission, attendees may enter the Illusions of Horror exhibit in addition to the rest of the museum, ensuring many opportunities to meet your favorite celebrities.

What makes Madame Tussauds so unique is the detail and precision they use in developing their wax figures. Even without horror characters, Madame Tussands is creepy in the mirrored likeness they capture in their figures. In creating wax figures, Madame Tussauds claims to take “200 measurements” and “photographs shot from every angle of a star to ensure their portrayal is 100% accurate” (Merlin Entertainment Group Ltd.).  In my experience, I was so fooled by a paparazzi wax figure that I actually maneuvered my body (awkwardly) to avoid being in sight of his camera. The realness of the figures is astounding which in turn assists with immersing attendees in the experience and creating a surreal atmosphere. Horror lovers will appreciate seeing their favorite horror characters in full effect. Without a doubt, adding horror characters increases the creepy factor of the museum.

At their kick off press event, Madame Tussauds treated attendees to a variety of horror themed events. Most notably, the talented and captivating Damn Devillez performed a horror themed burlesque show that included many of your favorite horror characters and was incredibly on point. The Kiss Whisperer, Anita Miranda, read fortunes to attendees using nothing but their lipstick print on a piece of paper that felt suspiciously accurate and compelling. A live band filled with spooky characters played in the lobby where celebrity wax figures were altered to create haunting displays. Food, drinks, and entertainment throughout the night highlighted Illusion of Horror’s presence as an exciting and eerie new addition to the museum.

There is a reason that Madame Tussands has 24 different locations across 4 different continents: they provide a life like experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Illusions of Horror, in particular, offers an opportunity to experience, interact, and take a selfie with your favorite horror characters. For as low as $16.99, attendees can experience Illusions of Horror this Halloween season. Tickets can be purchased at HERE.


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