Movie Review: CUCUY: THE BOOGEYMAN (2018)

There’s a pretty fair chance that at once point in your life you’ve heard the phrase “you better be good, or the boogeyman will come after you,” or something along those lines. Every generation, culture, and individual has their own version of what the boogeyman is. In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of films about Krampus, which is essentially the European folklore’s version of the boogeyman. Krampus is known for punishing all the naughty children during the Christmas season.

And now there is Cucuy.

Cucuy is a mythical monster, equivalent to the boogeyman, found in many Latino and Lusophone countries., and is most often referred to as the Mexican boogeyman. In the new fantasy horror film, CUCUY: THE BOOGEYMAN we learn more about this creature and why every naughty child should fear him.

The film was written and directed by Peter Sullivan and stars Marisol Nichols, Brian Krause, Jearnest Corchado, Bella Stine, and Pedro Correa. After children start mysteriously disappearing, a town is turned upside down as they search every nook and cranny, clueless as to what is going on. Rumors begin to spread that a mythical creature, Cucuy, is taking away all the children. Naturally, no one wants to believe this except for one mischievously brave teenager, Sofia (Corchado), who takes matters into her own hands and hunts down the truth.

I watch handfuls of movies each week for my job and while some are amazing, others are hard to get through. I’m delighted to say that CUCUY: THE BOOGEYMAN is hands down one of my favorite films from 2018 thus far. I absolutely love folklore and learning about a new boogeyman was exciting and refreshing. The story captures your attention with an intriguing plot, lovable characters that you feel connected to, and a new boogeyman to fear.

Mick Ignes as Cucuy

From the moment the film starts, we’re introduced to the story of Cucuy and you can’t help but want to learn more about him. Is he the one who is taking away all the children or is there a different kind of a monster on the loose? Why did he appear of all a sudden? All these questions run through your head as you try to figure out the town’s mystery with the rest of the characters.

Speaking of characters, the Martin family is one that you can’t help but love. They’ve been through hell and back, but you can feel the love they have for one another, especially the bond between the two sisters, Sophia (Corchado) and Amelia (Stine). It was raw and genuine and felt like the relationship I have with my sister; a special bond and unspoken protection that comes with having a sibling. As far as some of the other kids, I can’t say I was too heartbroken when Cucuy came for them as bullies will never have my sympathy.

As far as the monster goes, it felt like your typical boogeyman monster with a different look and design. Menacing features and a mouth that was reminiscent of the new Pennywise. It wasn’t so much his looks that were notable but the idea of him and his choice of methods for taking children that really hooked me.

Overall, CUCUY: THE BOOGEYMAN is a fun, spooky story that is different from anything else out there right now and is perfect for the Halloween season. If you love stories about mythical legends and strong characters, then this one is for you! Be sure to check it out when it premieres on the SYFY Channel, Saturday, Oct. 13.

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