TV Recap: THE PURGE (Episodes 6-7) (2018)

We are creeping closer to the end of THE PURGE 10-episode event. I’ve reviewed episodes 1-3 and 4-5, now it’s time to talk about episodes 6 and 7.

Episode 6 of THE PURGE is called “The Forgotten.” The flashback sequences in this episode focus on the mysterious masked man, Joe (Lee Tergesen). We learn about his past and why he is out on Purge night. Rick (Colin Woodell ) and Jenna (Hannah Emily Anderson) escape the attack on the Purge night party and make it home, only to have an unexpected visitor show up at their door. Jane (Amanda Warren) confronts her boss (William Baldwin) and confesses she hired someone to murder him, only to realize she should have left him to his fate. Miguel (Gabriel Chavarria) and Penelope (Jessica Garza) must escape their captor and the Carnival of Flesh.

As we enter episode 7, titled “Lovely Dark and Deep,” the flashbacks focus on Jane, but this time we learn about how her mother raised her. Jane also learns the horrible truth about her boss and the monster he truly is. Jenna and Rick’s relationship is tested while they have to fight for their lives in their own home. Miguel and Penelope escape the carnival, but they’re not safe yet. The siblings must work through their issues while also avoiding people out on Purge night.

As events become more intense in these episodes, the characters are forced to further work through their issues. These issues include their own emotional troubles as well as the problems between the various relationships. Like with episode 5 of THE PURGE, audiences will have to look past some of the more ludicrous aspects, such as the carnival. Luckily, we only see Miguel and Penelope in there for a short amount of time in these episodes, making it simpler to focus on the traumatic events. Episode 7 is when we really get to see the relationship stripped down, exposing all the cracks that are brought to light by Purge night. The increasing strain between Rick and Jenna, as well as Jane facing off against her boss, make for some pretty intense moments in these episodes.

There are some aspects of these episodes of THE PURGE that don’t work quite so well. We learn that Joe’s boss, Eileen (Allison King), betrayed him. Eileen is also the woman he saved in episode 3. I only know this because I suspected this was the case as we learned more about Joe, so I looked it up. There are multiple episodes separating these events, and Eileen is only briefly shown in episode 3, so many viewers might not even realize it’s the same person. This seems to imply that Joe went to Eileen’s house on Purge night to seek revenge, only to have a change of heart upon arrival. It makes Joe’s story interesting, but the dots aren’t obvious enough to accurately connect.

The end of episode 7 is the first time we see some of these divergent story lines finally come together. With only three episodes left after this, I’m very interested to see how the others will intertwine, if they will at all. Either way, I’m definitely invested in these characters and I look forward to see how the rest of the night will play out on THE PURGE.

THE PURGE airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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