LA Haunted Hayride

LA Haunted Hayride is taking over Griffith park for another Halloween season. With 3 main attractions, a scary-go-round, tarot readings, and shows all night at the theater macabre, you’ll have a ghoulish time.


Description: Take a ride on our hay wagon as we transport you and your friends into the unknown. Legend has it, the haunted woods contain clowns waiting to unleash their bag of tricks on passerby. Are you ready to experience the thrill of the ride?

Review: Aboard the hayride, you slowly traverse the canyon and encounter the monsters that reside in the desolate hills of Griffith park. With loose hay beneath you and warm bodies beside you as your only comfort, you are surrounded by monsters on all sides. Both sides of the hayride get their fair share of encounters of the evil within making seat choice less important. Each rest stop provides a different themed experience. There was no shortage of scare-actors leading to many interactive opportunities. Dancing, music, fog, strobes, and monster design are among the highlights this year. Attendees remain seated for the entire duration and are separated only by a thin metal railing from the spooky happenings beyond the carriage. Mild intensity scares make this attraction fun for the whole family. But watch your back or you’ll get what’s coming to you.


Description: In this haunted village Halloween never ends, and trick-or-treating is a nightly activity. Explore the neighborhoods by going door to door to encounter its occupants and all their mischief. All you have to do is knock…

Thoughts: Knock knock, who’s there? It’s likely a monster in the Trick or Treat maze. Ironically, the Trick or Treat maze may be the highlight of the LA Haunted Hayride. Its playful, exciting, and nostalgic which sets is apart from other mazes. The monsters were varied and unique in their presentation. Each had a distinct delivery and theming to hand out their candy. The anticipation and child like spirit of this maze makes it memorable and lovable.


Description: From the moment you enter in to the House of Shadows, the darkness overcomes you. You will look for a light, but there is none. You are now the unsuspecting victim of the vicious souls that invited you in. You may feel out of your comfort zone, but to them, there is no place like home.

Thoughts: The House of Shadows is truly a maze. You will struggle to make your way out as you meet dead ends and monsters lurking around the corner. Under heavy strobe lights, each black wall begins to look the same and disorientation takes hold. The set design was minimal with a sprinkling of themed sections. Nuns, nurses, and little girls make it difficult to identify the theme of this maze as it seems to lack a strong narrative component. Character interactions are many and will help or hinder your escape. Be careful who you trust. And do not enter this maze if you are sensitive to strobes or have a weak stomach.

Come to LA Haunted Hayride for the festive atmosphere and spirited attractions to celebrate the season. Sitting on hay, riding through the crisp October air, unites Halloween and nostalgia in a new way. While supplies last, tickets are on sale at

LA Haunted Hayride
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