Sometimes the most terrifying horror films are the ones that appear to be based on reality and that feature subject matter that is relatable. This is the case with writer/director Franklin Ritch’s short film BEDRIDDEN, which had its World Premiere at Fantastic Fest last week.

After returning home late one night after an experience that is not explained, but clearly is upsetting to her, a young girl begins hearing a sinister voice. After she lies down on her bed, the voice coolly threatens the girl with various types of bodily harm if she attempts to get up from the bed. Her phone has fallen onto the floor and when she manages to retrieve it and tries to call for help, the voice warns her that if she calls anyone increasingly worse things will happen to her. She begins to panic and is trapped on her bed for the rest of the night.

When you realize that other people in the film are also hearing a similar voice saying seemingly menacing things, it becomes obvious that the voice is symbolic of something that is a common part of life for a lot of people. This is a highly original story told in such a creative way that I found it to be quite thought provoking. It is scary because I, and so many others, can relate to it on a very personal level. BEDRIDDEN is an effective horror film and it is especially impressive that it is able to send such a powerful message in only twelve minutes.

Image Courtesy of Fantastic Fest
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