Deep within the halls of the Queen Mary, there is a room filled with seemingly ordinary items from the past. However, these items hold spiritual significance that allow them to be used as a conduit for communication with the spirits. These items open up the world between the living and the departed. They invite ghosts to pass over the threshold and interact with the living.

Illusions of the Past: Legends of the Queen Mary is an evening with master magician and apparitionist, Aiden Sinclair, that will test your perception of reality. This 90 minute long presentation invites volunteers to encounter strange occurrences from the beyond. Select participates will have the opportunity to play tag with a ghost, conduct bibliomancy, ring a coffin bell, experience slate writing, and speak to a deceased significant other.  Even skeptics will be challenged by the mastery of these illusions and question how is that even possible. This performance will aw, surprise, and spook attendees with its impossible demonstrations that will test your beliefs in the supernatural. Attendees will leave this experience feeling that the magic and the mystical are alive at the Queen Mary.

Most importantly, what makes this experience so special is that Aiden Sinclair goes to great lengths to make sure the audience is comfortable. He acknowledges that despite the prevalence of séances in the late 1800 early 1900s, the word “séance” now inspires fear, suspicion, and unease in many people. He explains that no harm will be done to participants who attend his presentation. He also explains that no one is obligated to volunteer and participation is at the sole digression of the attendee. There are many opportunities for the audience to participate throughout the evening that can make this experience more immersive. However, witnessing these incredible demonstrations are deeply engaging and evocative if one chooses not to directly participate. The lengths that Aiden Sinclair goes to make this experience comfortable for participants creates the safe place for connection with the departed to occur.

Illusions of the Past: Legends of the Queen Mary plays heavily on historic elements of the Queen Mary and of séances in general. History buffs, séance enthusiasts, and Queen Mary fans, will greatly appreciate the exploration into the past. Aiden Sinclair does a phenomenal job providing history into the passengers of the Queen Mary and of activities used in séances to conjure the spirits of the dead. Ancient technology of slate writing, coffin bells, key turning, and bibliomancy are used to connect with the spirits. Two lucky participants are even able to play “tag” with a ghost and one is able to conjure the spirit of their loved one. Overall, the presentation is interactive, engaging, funny, and complete mind blowing.  It is definitely an experience you will not want to miss this Halloween season.

Tickets are on sale for $40 per person, or $55 for VIP tickets, at for select nights starting Friday, September 14, 2018.

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