When watching an indie film I like to be a little kinder in my criticism when I feel like the film has missed the mark.

I know how hard it is to get a film made and I try to find the positives, but honestly, DIANE was a struggle.

After discovering a dead woman in his back yard Steve becomes the prime suspect in her murder. He claims not to know the dead woman, the eponymous Diane, but we know better. We see flashes of his memories of her and her obsession with a pact she made with him are haunting him.

Steve is an army vet and is clearly struggling with not just his physical and mental injuries but adjusting to civilian life too. All of this is reflected in the faded colour palette and muted tone of the film. He’s clearly had a relationship with Diane and he knows more than he’s letting on and these secrets are wearing him down.

Around an hour into the film the tone shifts from a drab and fairly uninteresting mystery to the real meat of the story.

We see how Steve met Diane and how it all played out between the two of them. Their friendship, affair and then the dark spiral that ended in Diane’s death.

The premise is one that if handled a little differently could have made for a more immersive, more mysterious film but it’s a swing and a miss for me.

The dialogue is a little clunky and the washed out visuals were a little too on the nose, metaphorically speaking. Carlee Avers who plays Diane is good as she really commits to the role, so it’s a shame that the actor playing Steve (Jason Alan Smith) was so wooden.

I’m afraid DIANE didn’t deliver for me in terms of it being a thriller or mystery. I’d definitely like to hear what you think of the film – you can find me on Twitter @MoxieMcMurder.

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