This past week, we were invited to take a behind the scenes tour of the upcoming STRANGER THINGS Maze debuting this Friday at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.  Universal Hollywood Creative Director John Murdy gave us a room by room tour of the maze, even though most of it was still under construction.  He explained to us what everything was going to look, sound, and feel like once completed.  The maze will include all the iconic locations from the first season of the hit Netflix series.

The STRANGER THINGS maze marks the first time that Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights has put a maze inside an actual sound stage.  The former home of The Family Feud will be the new location of “The Upside Down” for the next few months. Murdy told us that he and his partner, Art Director Chris Williams, are huge fans of the show and were thrilled to include lots of easter eggs throughout the maze, so there will be plenty of reasons for repeat visits.  I also found it interesting that they have reference pictures from the show taped around the set while they are working on recreating these iconic locations.

After hearing everything that is planned for the maze I can’t wait to be able to walk though it on opening night September 14!  Not only can you experience “Stranger Things” at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood but you can also search for Will and Barb at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando and Halloween Horror Night Singapore!

Tickets are now on sale for Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood and can be purchased HERE.


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