As an intern at Ghostbusters you’ve made your fair share of coffee runs but this time you have been given a special assignment. Pick up a double espresso, one sugar, and infiltrate the apartment building that, according to the PKE meter reading, has heightened ghost activity. You and three of your teammates are charged with investigating these psychokinetic energy readings. Don’t mess up your first assignment!

GHOSTBUSTERS: DIMENSION is said to be the first VR experience that THE VOID has produced. This roughly 10-12 minute experience allows groups of four to blast ghosts inside and outside a New York apartment. Fans of the original 1984 Ghostbusters will feel nostalgic as they uncover Easer eggs scattered throughout the experience. Old school uniform, ectogoggle, ecto-one vehicle, proton pack, muon trap and familiar ghostly foes are all represented during the experience. Ray, played by Dan Aykroyd, narrates your journey throughout the mission as well as provides a description of your assignment. There is no mention of the 2016 Ghostbusters as the experience caters to fans of the original 1984 canon. Through and through, GHOSTBUSTERS: DIMENSION is true to the original franchise.

Like other VR produced by THE VOID, GHOSTBUSTERS: DIMENSION creates immersive environments. The use of smell, heat, wind, and feedback throughout the VR technology assist with immersion. Particularly, the buzzing sensation delivered through the VR equipment provides a unique experience when confronted by psychokinetic energy (i.e. ghosts). Similar to THE VOID’s Nicodemus, guests are invited to pick from a choice of 4 avatars to represent them during the experience. The inclusion of a proton gun felt accurate and provided feedback when utilized which created an interactive experience. Overall, GHOSTBUSTERS: DIMENSION excels beyond traditional VR and provided a unique experience.

Guests may leave GHOSTBUSTERS: DIMENSION wishing they had a longer experience; however, the 12 minutes is utilized well with little down time between scenes. Hand tracking was not enabled for this experience and could have heightened player’s immersion with their avatar. While blasting ghosts, participants are likely not thinking about their hand placement.

GHOSTBUSTERS: DIMENSION is a family friendly, interactive, and enjoyable experience that may be particularly well suited for individuals’ first time engaging in extended VR. The short duration and nostalgic content provides a satisfying introduction to VR; however, even VR veterans can enjoy the nostalgic sentiments and immersive environments in GHOSTBUSTERS: DIMENSION.

For a limited time and fee of $29.95, tickets can be purchased HERE.

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