SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS is a short horror film that was directed by the Bloomquist Brothers (Erik and Carson). The cast includes Peyton Michelle Edwards, Ehad Berisha, Kristen Anne Ferraro, and Justin Andrew Davis.

It’s the last day of summer at Camp Briarbrook and the counselors are sitting around a campfire telling the story about Esther. Esther used to work at Camp Briarbrook as a nurse but was fired because she believed in alternative medicine aka witchcraft.

According to the legend, Esther was found in the woods with kids from the camp, who were cutting and burning themselves to practice her medicine. Later in the story, we learn that Esther was thrown in the lake. Well after the campfire story is told, the group of friends decide that it would be a good idea to summon her by pricking their fingers and saying her name. Like any horror movie, it’s never a good idea to summon the dead.

SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS is less than 20 minutes, but it packs a big punch. There are several little jump scares and the ending is pretty terrifying, though it does end abruptly. The suspenseful short film is a throwback to ’80s camp horror (Friday the 13th, Madman) and the ’90s found-footage movie, The Blair Witch Project. There’s a campfire legend, counselors, and a witch, so everything you need to make the perfect atmospheric story.

The pacing is good, it starts out with them telling the legend, and then some normalcy (two of the characters talk about what will happen after camp), and then the carnage starts. The acting is also pretty good.

SHE COMES FROM THE WOODS is a fun nostalgic short film that is the perfect way to kill 12 minutes of your time, though it should be 24 minutes because you’ll end up watching it twice!

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