Movie Review: ScreenX Presents THE NUN (2018)

Warner Bros’ THE NUN is the first horror movie to be released with ScreenX, a panoramic viewing opportunity screening in select theaters throughout the country. This Halloween season, experience THE NUN projected on three screens, creating a wider shot of the film and immersing audiences in the middle of the action and terror.

ScreenX is the future of the movie theater experience, especially if you are sitting in the middle of a row. Viewers will see images projected on both sides of the theater during specific scenes which create the illusion of being transported into the movie.

Given how terrifying THE NUN is, panoramic viewing heightens the intensity and experiences related to fear. THE NUN is visually stunning with high production quality and is particularly well suited for a panoramic atmosphere. Filmed in a Romanian castle, THE NUN provides beautiful imagery with haunting undertones. The lighting, make-up effects and camera angles are elevated using ScreenX. When Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga, and Father Burke, played by Demián Bichir, are exploring the abbey, the grand castle, and the catacombs, you can feel like you are in the center of it all with ScreenX.

However, movie-goers should not expect the panoramic viewing to be consistent throughout the film. Instead, Warner Bros. has selected particularly visually appealing and terrifying scenes to utilize the panoramic feature. By being selective in their choice of panoramic scenes, the novelty of a ScreenX viewing opportunity is not worn out. At the conclusion of the film, audience members are likely to be satisfied with the amount of panoramic scenes despite it not occurring throughout the feature.

If you are ready to take your movie experience to the next level, you will not be disappointed by the visually stimulating, increased immersion, and greater sense of fear experienced by seeing THE NUN with ScreenX.

THE NUN opens in theaters September 7th from New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures.


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