VR haunted house? Where can I sign up? From the makers of the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, enter Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment a high intensity virtual reality experience taken place at a haunted fair. Based loosely on a true story of missing persons at 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, you are tasked with investigating their disappearance without being possessed by a rampant evil spirit. Nicodemus takes you back to 1894, a year after the fair closed where you will explore an abandoned exhibit.

Nicodemus sets itself apart from other virtual reality experiences by utilizing a high level of sensory components to distinguish environments. Guests will feel mist in a foggy environment, feel discomfort when walking through spider webs, and feel wind when transitioning rooms. Items in the room were present when you touch them, which heighten immersion. In some areas, guests can interact with items and trigger a demonic response. The VR technology is equipped to vibrate when experiencing demonic interaction, which heightens jump scares. Participants can interact by way of puzzles that are intuitive and assist with transition between rooms. Participants can also personalize their experience by choosing one of six characters that will become their avatar for the experience. Although teams of four enter the experience, ultimately you paired off into groups of two, which heightens one’s sense of fear. Spooky lighting, increased sensory opportunities, and seemingly tight spaces contribute to this haunted attraction.

Although Nicodemus excelled in delivering a frightening experience, there were some small missed opportunities. Being able to choose an avatar helps personalize the experience. However, the use of avatar was not incorporated into the narrative and did not provide any unique advantages to the player. Also, participants didn’t get the opportunity to see themselves as their avatar, which would have assisted with immersion. Overall, the narrative was less prominent to the experience and could have been utilized to heighten fear and immersion. Puzzles assisted with increasing interaction, but it was unclear at times what their purpose was. In addition, participants may be left wishing they had a weapon or an opportunity to utilize their avatar’s strengths to ensure survival. However, lack of protection increases feelings of helplessness and fear when confronted by the sinister force that is Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment.

Start off your Halloween season with a trip back in time to 1894, a year after the fair closed to experience a haunted attraction you won’t likely forget. Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment will ignite your sense of fight or flight with jump scares that can catch even the most experienced haunt attendee off guard. Tickets are on sale for a limited time at: https://www.thevoid.com/dimensions/nicodemus/.

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