Music Review: Joseph Bishara’s MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER

Composer Joseph Bishara has made a name for himself with 32 composer credits to his name on IMDB, most of those in the horror film genre. What made him a household name was his relationship with writer/director/producer James Wan. This lead to Bishara composing scores for hit horror films such as The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle, and all four films in the Insidious franchise. Bishara can even be spotted in these films portraying various demons and ghosts (most notably the “lipstick-face demon” from the Insidious films).

Now, Void Recordings has released a brand new album by Bishara entitled MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER. This album can be bought as a digital download or on vinyl. The album is an expansion of his compositions from the Insidious films in which “the Further” is the dark and spooky alternate dimension where ghosts and demons live. Many of the compositions are even unreleased and developmental works from the first three Insidious films.

MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER is the kind of album that begs to be listened to at high volume, in the dark, while you’re alone. The music is beautifully composed, while also having multiple shocking moments. It’s not uncommon for Bishara to follow a softly played segment with a clattering crescendo that makes you jump in fright. It matches perfectly with a horror film experience. The album has a distinctly haunting quality to it that almost gives you the feeling that you are not alone when listening to it.

This album has all the signature sounds Bishara is known for from the Insidious film scores. He relies heavily on stringed instruments and the occasional piano, giving the score an overall sound that has the vintage feel of classical compositions. What sets MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER apart from other works is some of the more experimental techniques Bishara uses to create unique sounds. At times it even sounds as if he’s plucking the strings inside a piano or banging on them, creating an eerily dissonant sound. Dissonance is another hallmark of Bishara’s work. The way he mingles a cacophony of different sounds the classical stringed instruments only lends to the disturbing nature of his horror score.

While the digital version of Bishara’s MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER is stunning, I can only imagine it is even more breathtaking on vinyl. The classical quality combined with the occasional cacophony would work very well on a record player. I can already hear the crackle of vinyl as the score moves from a quiet segment to one of the many startling crescendos. However you choose to listen, MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER is sure to be a chilling musical experience.

The score includes:

1. Further dreaming 01:27
2. red out of blackness 00:34
3. dwarf apparition 01:21
4. void figure 8 01:40
5. void figure 4 01:22
6. dead family materialization 00:17
7. void figure 6 01:51
8. the purity 01:39
9. refusal 01:18
10. moments in void 02:38
11. taped vision 01:56
12. shadows are your home now 01:40
13. not the house 01:58
14. the kept in the Further 01:19
15. seen through 03:13
16. into the Further 2 01:33
17. I’ll show you 01:57
18. the dark room 01:37
19. ghost room 01:04
20. broken through 01:52
21. calling the dead 01:35
22. visit the injured 01:43
23. compelled awake 01:35
24. long passings 03:24
25. Further entry 04:10
26. out while alive 02:31
27. reaching Further 01:23

Joseph Bishara’s MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER can be purchases as digital download or on vinyl here.

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