What part of you do you keep at arms length? The part of you that is always yearning. The desires you can never seem to obtain. The part that is a constant struggle to accept. You find yourself locked outside of you a lot. Almost like your unconscious manifested into your reality, you find yourself standing on a street in Silver Lake locked out of your house again.

With heavy use of metaphor and whimsical childlike playfulness, #bedrumplai invites you to get acquainted with those difficult parts of yourself that are always striving. This personalized 30 minute immersive play takes place in your bedroom, an ideal and realistic space for introspection. Meet yourself fully realized and begin to accept your desires as part of you.

#bedrumplai is the creative work of two highly talented immersive actresses: Keight Leighn and Shayne Eastin. Their new creative project, #bedrumplai, follows after a previous project they worked on together that was a major highlight of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Fan’s of Snow Fridge will likely greatly enjoy #bedrumplai as it shares many of the same childlike playfulness with different conceptual elements. Participants are invited to let go, be free, and fully connect with themselves. Keight Leighn and Shayne Eastin bring an openness and warmth that is disarming to participants and allows for greater spontaneity.

In addition to the acting, the concept and themes in #bedrumplai are among the major highlights. The piece makes a point of emphasizing that desires do not lie outside of an individual. Rather, it argues, “you are your desires”. Thus, only by accepting your desires as you, can you begin to own them and make peace with them. Without ever referencing religion, #bedrumplai appears to reference the Second and Third Truth in Zen Buddhism: that all suffering is the result of desire and that suffering can be overcome by practicing non-attachment. “The Buddhist teaching on non-attachment is ultimately about realizing the truth of yourself. That is, realizing that you’re an expression of the entire cosmos…that the entire cosmos is in you”(Valentine, 2017). Thus, #bedrumplai can serve as a transformative experience to teach participants the truth about themselves, develop greater acceptance of their desires and create larger strides towards enlightenment.

From August 19 through August 26, you can get tickets to see #bedrumplai. With only a week run time, tickets are quickly selling out and this is a show you won’t want to miss, Tickets can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bedrumplai-tickets-48730227422.

Valentine, M. (2017). The Beginner’s Guide to Letting Go and Becoming Enlightened Through Non-Attachment, Retrieved, August 19, 2018, from https://buddhaimonia.com/blog/let-go-find-peace

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