If you thought the triangle relationship in Twilight was complicated, just wait until you see Wild Eye Releasing’s DEAD LOVE. Not all love is meant to be and some can be deadly.

DEAD LOVE is from Colin Floom and Greg Nemer and stars Kate Linder, Nicole Elizabeth Olson, Grayson Low, Bob Buckley, and Elias Harger. It centers on a young man named Brandon who, after losing his mom, meets an intriguing woman at the funeral parlor who is ready to change his life. But is it for the better?

Although I’m not one to be a negative Nancy (I love indie horror and support it fully) I must be honest and say that this one just really didn’t do it for me. It was very slow paced, took forever to pique my interest, and felt like more of a chore than entertainment just to get through it.

The relationships were a bit awkward and confusing and this feeling only grew stronger throughout the film’s runtime. Everything felt forced and didn’t flow well. It does explain some things towards the end, but by then it doesn’t really matter.

Despite some of its flaws, I did enjoy some of the performances especially from the incredibly talented Kate Linder. She was flawless and although her part wasn’t huge, I felt she dominated the screen anytime she was on it.

I will say the end did surprise me a bit and it was a nice bloody little twist. I just wish the story had been more powerful and attention-grabbing before that point. In the end, it just wasn’t my cup of tea, but I respect what they were going for and although not well-executed, I appreciate the creativeness behind it.

If you want to check out DEAD LOVE, it will be debuting on VOD August 21 followed by a DVD release in October.

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