Event Recap: Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest Panel at Midsummer Scream

If this year’s Midsummer Scream seemed busier than ever, that’s because it was. With Midsummer being one of the largest haunt related conventions in the United States, it is the place to be to unveil all the new, exciting haunt related things to the hungry crowds eager for this year’s haunt season to start. Curious fans scurried to the Grand Ballroom on Saturday, July 28th, to see and hear all the new changes coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest.

The team behind Six Flags Fright Fest assembled to reveal all the latest announcements going into this year’s spooky event. If fans stayed long enough, they also got to experience a variety of frightening and strange characters from the haunted attraction roaming throughout the presentation. Of course, it wouldn’t have been a Fright Fest panel without the infamous Innocence Willoughby skulking about and scaring the panelists onstage.

This year’s Fright Fest features the arrivals of a couple of new mazes as well as new scare zone additions to the event.

Condemned – Forever Damned is a new maze this year, which focuses on an abandoned house towards the front of the park. Once you enter the home, you may never get the chance to leave. Throughout the course of your time in the abandoned home, you will run across various souls of the people who used to live there. You’ll also have to try to keep away from the soul snatchers because they desire nothing more to take your soul.

Sewer of Souls is another new maze this year that will be replacing the Dead End maze of previous years. You’ll walk into a dank, dusty sewer and make your way through the gross, putrid passageways that make up the sewer system. Along the way, you will run into dwellers who have made the sewer their home.

The panelists then moved onto discussing one of the largest scare zones that they’ve ever had at Fright Fest – The Witch’s Lair. Not only is this the largest scare zone, but it also features the biggest cast they’ve used for a scare. The Witch’s Lair will take root in the Metropolis Area and will slowly take on the form of an outdoor swampy woodland area. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled because you’ll have to run fast if a swamp hound catches your scent. If you were able to make it to the Hall of Shadows, you were able to get a glimpse of the swamp hounds in action.

The panelists did not hide in the fact that they were planning this to be the goriest year ever for the annual haunt event. The debut of the new scare zone The Shadows has emphasized gore that is sure to curl the toes of many a guest. The panelists also wanted to make it clear that the event would not be best for those with small children. This year they are completely axing the Boo Sticks, glow in the dark sticks that kids could wear to help identify to monsters that they were not meant to be scared. All kid gloves are off and the panelists emphasized that the event was really meant for patrons 13 and older.

With all of the new additions this year and with the seductive appeal of gorier attractions, Six Flags Fright Fest is sure to bring all the haunters to the yard. Tickets are on sale HERE.

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