Event Recap: Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Panel at Midsummer Scream

2018 Midsummer Scream proved to be the largest year yet with a reported 10,000 guests. Fans flooded the Grand Ballroom on Sunday, July 29th to hear the latest announcements from Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor panelists.

Among them were talent director David Wally, producer Charity Hill and builder Adam Conga. Jon Cooke, from Knott’s Scary Farm fame, was announced to be joining the team this year to reimagine the mazes. Our favorite Dark Harbor scare-actors also made an appearance including The Captain, The Ringmaster, Scary Mary, Samuel the Savage, The Iron Master, Chef, and Half-Hatch Henry. With plenty of comic relief and major announcements about the upcoming event, the Dark Harborpanel was arguably one of the major highlights of Midsummer Scream this 2018 season.

With a vision of becoming darker, more sinister and more interactive, 2018 Dark Harbor will include more “choose your own adventure” activities to immerse guests. Starting in the Barrel Room, guests can find clues that will eventually lead to a secret bar, The Broken Compass. The panelists leaked that The Broken Compass is an area of Dark Harbor that no guests has ever ventured to, where you may be able to find the Captain and have a drink.

Other secret bars can be found throughout the park, but without clues, guests will have to use their intuition to find them. Behind Door 13, you can find the RIP Lounge, a bar that overlooks the Deadrise maze. Participants can watch guests go through the maze while sipping on craft cocktails. The panelist even rumored that there are buttons guests can push to create their own scare, but you’ll have to find Door 13 first. Additionally, at the 9 Degree Ice Bar, located behind the Intrepidmaze, there is a secret room you can go through. The panelists were secretive about the contents of the room and urged participants to go through to see what is inside. Other notable bars can be found in the Midway, a newly designed carousel bar allows you to take in the energy of the circus. For a more private experience, the panelists reminded guests that they can always sit in a creepy cabana to take in the action.

With newly designed mazes, the panelists explained their vision to immerse guests more deeply into the Dark Harbor lore. Notably, the Samuel the Savage maze will allow participants to become detectives to discover what occurred in room B340. Participants may be asked to crawl under a bed, walk through a closet, and go through a washing machine to follow the path of a murderer. In a similar vein, the Deadrise maze is reimagined as an obstacle course where participants are invited to crawl, climb and slide with the undead. Another notable change was made to the Feast maze which is replacing Graceful Gale’s SoulmatesFeast will play heavily on the narrative of the infamous chef who was tossed in the oven by his crew. Guests are invited to clock-in for their shift in the kitchen as they battle their way through slabs of meat, a meat processor, and of course, the oven.

With all of these changes making Dark Harbor more interactive, 2018 is set to be the best year yet. Tickets are on sale now HERE.

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