Fantasia Film Festival 2018 Review: THE INVADERS

It’s always a pleasure for me to check out newer short films. Some shorts that I’ve seen hold a place in my heart with other films I refer to as gold. I recently had the opportunity to check out THE INVADERS by Mateo Márquez and was actually shocked by how much I liked it. The following is a brief plot overview of the short from IMDB:

“When a girl is followed on her way home, she finds herself facing a sinister force that threatens her entire existence.” 

This short opens with action and zero hesitation making my mind race as I tried to figure out what was going on. We see a woman running but there’s no clear indication as to what she’s running from. The fact that I didn’t immediately lose interest indicates to me that the writer and director knew exactly what they were doing.

As I sat and watched this short with headphones on I felt myself inching towards the edge of my chair because they created such a thick and dreadful atmosphere that I found myself easily lost in all of it. The music was jumpy which led me to actually jump, just a little bit, because of how well the sounds meshed with the already gloomy situation laid out before my eyes.

The ending of this short left me questioning a lot of what I had just witnessed. I don’t want to spoil anything but I couldn’t stop thinking about what my assumptions of the film were. All I knew was that I really just wanted to keep watching to see what would happen next. I needed answers then and I still need them now.

THE INVADERS was just as exciting as it was original. I truly hope to see this blossom into something longer, even if it’s just an extra 30 minutes or so. I want that explanation of what’s going on which I suppose is part of the beauty within its charm. This short leaves you wondering what’s going on, why did that happen, and what’s supposed to happen next.

THE INVADERS is a film that could be enjoyed by general audiences as there isn’t any gratuitous violence or gore. If you ever have a chance to check it out, go ahead and give it a watch.

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