Blu-ray/DVD Review: ANOTHER WOLFCOP (2017)

If you know me at all, then you’ll know my love for all-things Wolfcop. With the first movie being chock full of satire, vulgarity, and a boozehound cop turned werwolf, it is no surprise of my fondness for the franchise. I’m definitely a fan of any film that’s werewolf related, as they are in short supply nowadays. But Wolfcop delivers on many levels that should satisfy your love for good practical transformation effects alongside crude humor, with ANOTHER WOLFCOP venturing even farther into that realm than its predecessor. This is a film that won’t be for everyone, while others will find themselves having a hard time not being entertained.

Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) is back in full force with an endless amount of booze and donuts by his side. Written and directed by Lowell Dean, Lou and sheriff Tina Walsh (Amy Matysio) must fight the shape shifters in their newest form – a smug tycoon named Sydney Swallows (Yannick Bisson) and his crew of cohorts as they attempt to market a new beer that impregnates the human race with baby changelings upon ingestion. With the return of familiar faces such as Willie Higgins (Jonathan Cherry), along with some new ones, the unlikely team must do whatever it takes to protect Woodhaven and its civilians in the next chapter of this bloodbath of a werewolf franchise.

This film is the Cadillac of satirical sequels, leaving a hilariously gruesome slew of bodies and beer cans in its wake. ANOTHER WOLFCOP goes balls to the wall and shows no shame in doing so. It hits harder than the first film, displaying heightened vulgarity, an even raunchier sex scene than in the first one, and full-frontal Wolfcop dick on camera. But would you really expect anything less from a film of this premise? I sure didn’t. It’s meant to shock and push the limits within the world its created, with a seemingly sole purpose of crude entertainment. If you go into this film expecting ridiculous horror parodies rather than deep meanings and Hollywood brilliance, than you’ll leave feeling fulfilled.

In a world dominated by CGI, it is nothing short of refreshing to see the dedication towards practical effects in the horror genre. I feel a main reason for a lack of modern werewolf films is due to the intimidation of the transformation sequences. Team Wolfcop doesn’t skimp its audiences in that department, and deserve praise for what they manage to accomplish on screen. Not only are the special effects on point, but Wolfcop himself is bigger, badder, and hairier than ever in this sequel, showcasing the team’s skill set and growth as a unit. Their attention to detail is sure to impress any fan especially since the Blu-ray and DVD offers bonus features such a “The Monster Shop: Special FX”, which delves into the practical effects used for ANOTHER WOLFCOP.

As previously stated, this isn’t a film that will cater to everyone – some will be able to sit back and enjoy the inappropriate ride while others will not. The story here is a little frenzied and not as strong as its predecessor, but I did enjoy this sequel for what it is. The first Wolfcop will forever hold a special place in my heart as a newer independent favorite, and remain impressed by the team’s use of great practical gore effects, while also keeping true to the genre. I think these films are meant to be fun, bloody, and inappropriate, tapping into the satire-filled horror world that keeps us stimulated. So, I say, keep the sequels coming. ANOTHER WOLFCOP is now available to own on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Video from RLJE Films.

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