Hollywood Fringe Festival Review: ONE LAST THING BEFORE YOU GO

ONE LAST THING BEFORE YOU GO is a short, but emotional journey that will teach you about loss and grief with perhaps a dab of confusion. You are a newly departed spirit, wandering around with other lost souls just like you. But, as is sometimes the case, sometimes we are drawn away into something so much more than just ourselves. Unfortunately, because of the plot-heavy nature of the show, there isn’t too much I can reveal without ruining the many surprises that are in store.

I have a recommendation to future audience members before they see the show. I highly recommend taking in some light reading while waiting patiently with a lovely cloaked figure before you go. There is an opportunity for audience members to learn more about the story and what they are about to experience prior to joining the other wandering light up souls. However, you can always choose not to read. You do not really need to have the information prior to departing.

In terms of the immersive elements involved, I would have to say that ONE LAST THING BEFORE YOU GO is one of a couple of productions at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival that actually feels like the audience is immersed in the world of the story instead of just being a spectator. However, without really giving away plot points, this is all I can say regarding the immersive qualities represented in this production.

The one thing that I greatly appreciated about this production was that there were rules established prior to us entering the world of the show. Now I know that my enjoyment of rules can most likely be construed as lame or what not. However, In an era of escape rooms and immersive ARGs, boundary lines have blurred considerably. So, for newbies and veterans alike, the establishment of boundaries in ONE LAST THING BEFORE YOU GO serves as a powerful tool in this production to inform the audience of how far they are allowed to go.

My only complaint was that I wish the show could have been longer. The majority of the show takes place over the course of 10-15 minutes and, when the show came to its end, I was left wanting more. I honestly didn’t want to leave. And I think that speaks to the quality of the show’s creators, cast and crew that I felt this way.

Overall, I would have to say that ONE LAST THING BEFORE YOU GO is easily my favorite production at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Fest. Aaron Vanek and Kirsten Hageleit have created a beautiful, memorable piece that stands out among the pack. The performances from Shoshanna Green, Pip Lilly, and Brenda Gutierrez were powerful and still linger in the mind weeks later. I honestly can’t wait to see what the creators have in store for future productions.

Unfortunately, the show is currently sold out for the remainder of the run. For more information about the production and to check to see if any additional spots open up during Fringe, please check out their Facebook.

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