Since the beginning of time, human beings have been mired in existential angst. Questioning their purpose, life after death, their creator, and the meaning of it all. GOD: THE APOLOGIES TOURplays on this intrinsic human desire towards looking beyond earthly life and searching for meaning in the dark.

From the mind of Erik Blair comes GOD: THE APOLOGIES TOUR, an hour long immersive experience where participants are invited to speak with the creator himself and even receive an apology. After a deep reflection, God has returned to Earth to address his creation and provide an opportunity for dialogue. Participants are invited to interact, ask questions, and experience the divine himself in his many forms.  Mystical Spiritualism, divine Self-Reflection, mythological Polytheism and the informal relaxed Creator are all portrayed in this theatrical interaction with the divine. Emphasizing God’s gift of free will, GOD: THE APOLOGIES TOUR allows participants to choose to follow and interact with two of the four of God’s manifestations. Participants are encouraged to use their freewill to sit where they like, follow who they choose, and interact as they see fit which allows each person who attends to have a unique experience. This experience offers opportunities for participants to choose their level of immersion by providing the chance to experience God as a group and/or receive individual attention.

One of the major highlights of this performance was the balance between improvisation and script. At times, the actors were challenged to answer questions from the audience and they were able to stay in character and did not falter despite the difficulty of the question. Their portrayal of God was also very comprehensive. Surprisingly, participants may leave this experience feeling that their questions were answered and left feeling satisfied despite the magnitude of opportunity to learn the secrets of the beyond. It was obvious that the show’s creator took great thought into developing the characters. The only regret an audience member may have is that they did not get a chance to experience all four of God’s manifestations during the showing. However, this allows participants to return to see the show again and receive a different experience.

Another highlight of the show was the use of humor and contemporary references to make the creator seem relatable. This somewhat surprising depiction of God as a relaxed everyday man was an interesting twist on traditional ideas of what God would be like. It also appeared that the show’s creator took great strides to ensure that the experience was not offensive or blasphemous which can extend its appeal from atheists to deeply religious people alike. The show was thought provoking in the way it emphasized how human beings have an effect on the divine and mankind creating this circular view of connection and causality. There appeared to be some Neil Gaiman influences that could have been expanded on and developed further but were a nice easter egg for American Godsfans.

Overall, GOD: THE APOLOGIES TOUR is a unique offering at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival that invites participants to reflect on their own humanness and their relationships with powers greater than themselves.  For more information and to purchase tickets click HERE.


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