Hollywood Fringe Festival Review: SNOW FRIDGE

Gestalt psychology would call it the paradoxical theory of change. Jungian theory would call it the integration of the shadow. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy would call it radical acceptance. But all these psychological theories speak to the idea that one must accept themselves as they are in the present before they can change.

SNOW FRIDGE embodies this concept by having audience members bring in personal material about an aspect of themselves they want to change to provide an intimate exploration into one’s own psyche. Prior to attending the event, participants are asked to fill out a questionnaire inquiring about an aspect of themselves they would like to change. SNOW FRIDGE aims to help participants on their personal journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance by inviting members to interact with themselves by way of a dream.

This powerful 16 minute long immersive experience invites audience members to dream as a gateway to their subconscious and experience themselves. Jungian dream analysis focuses on how every character in a dream represents an aspect of the dreamer. In this way, SNOW FRIDGE invites audience members to reintegrate split off parts of themselves and experience their shadow self fully realized in the present. However, SNOW FRIDGE accommodates participants by making this experience very non-threatening. There is a general feeling of cheerfulness, playfulness, and childlike wonder that invites participants to let out their inner child which protects against participants becoming resistant to change. Given the likableness of the characters, it is difficult not to accept yourself which assists in facilitating change and personal growth.

One of the major highlights of SNOW FRIDGE is its incredibly intimate setting and personalized narrative. Participants enter this experience alone and the experience is tailored to each audience member by using information the participant has provided. In this way, participants have a large input on their experience and there are a lot of opportunities to interact with the characters. Participants should expect to experience light physical contact, bending, and laying on the ground. Given the opportunities for interaction and personal nature of the show, SNOW FRIDGE also capitalizes on aspects of immersive theater that can be therapeutic, healing, and promote self-discovery. Participants can expect to walk away with wanting to process what happened as it can feel like a whirlwind.

Even though the experience is only 16 minutes long, it feels a lot longer due to its intensity and interactive style. Participants should expect to be highly stimulated due to level of interaction and thought provoking narration style. It takes time to acclimate to the story and participants may initially find themselves questioning, “what is going on here?”. SNOW FRIDGE provides a modest set design and places greater focus on the actors and the narrative. Many of the actors will be familiar to immersive theater fans and provide a high quality performance. Although the experience can make the more introverted participant uncomfortable due to the high level of focus on the audience member, it would be hard to walk away from this experience and not have fun due to the welcoming, playful, and personable appeal of the actors.

SNOW FRIDGE is a silly, fun, and introspective offering at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival that you won’t want to miss. You can find tickets at http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/5313.

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