Escape Room Review: Get the F Out Presents THE EXPERIMENT

Last weekend the Nightmarish Conjurings team had the chance to check out the new escape room, THE EXPERIMENT, from Get the F Out Escape Rooms. Having done their popular escape room, The Virus, I was looking forward to seeing what THE EXPERIMENT had to offer, especially since it was teaming up with one of Orange County’s most well-known haunted attractions, Sinister Pointe.

The story surrounding THE EXPERIMENT centers on a study of the psychological reasoning behind why people enjoy immersing themselves in escape rooms. This study is conducted by the elusive Jay Elias who is looking for 6-8 participants, male and female, that would be willing to sacrifice 60 minutes of their time for this particular study. It’s during this time that guests are than placed inside a fully immersive escape room that is far more than meets the eye.

There is a lot of aspects of this escape room that I absolutely loved. To start, I’ll talk about the set design. From the moment we entered till the moment we left, THE EXPERIMENT was designed in a way that fully enveloped you with its attention to detail while simultaneously lining up with the unfolding storyline. Apart from the set design, I thoroughly enjoyed the uniqueness of the puzzle designs. Guests have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of puzzles ranging from the more classical to the mind benders. With that said, I appreciated the level of intensity these puzzles had as they seemed to hit that sweet spot of not being too overly difficult but not too easy.

What really sold me on the overall experience, though, was the story. Even when Dr. Elias stated that the story wasn’t what it seemed, it really didn’t hit me until we had our walkthrough. The construct of the story throughout the entire experience was done brilliantly, leaving me feeling both stunned and impressed. I think for me, on a personal note, this was probably one of my favorite storylines of any escape room that I have done.

Combining the smartly weaving story with the intricate designs of the set along with the unique puzzle games, made THE EXPERIMENT one of the best escape rooms in the Los Angeles area and beyond. I think having the help of Sinister Pointe really elevated this escape game in terms of some of the design elements and creepy atmosphere. Though I wouldn’t necessarily categorize THE EXPERIMENT as being a horror escape room, I think there were enough elements to at least give it a somewhat ominous feel.

If there’s one clue I can give for anyone looking to do THE EXPERIMENT it’s that you MUST work together. Communication is key, especially the further into the game you get. We were able to escape with about 10 seconds left on the board and that was even with all of our communication! Also, keep in mind that everything isn’t as it appears to be and the story is much more in depth than what you think you have just entered. There’s a lot that is going on during THE EXPERIMENT so make sure you are all paying attention and talking with another as much as possible.

With all that said, I can’t recommend THE EXPERIMENT enough. It has a solid storyline that will blow you away, fantastic puzzles that I haven’t seen in any other escape room, and an intricate yet beautifully designed set that directly relates to the story at hand. With moments that seem reminiscent of such films as SAW, horror fans will find a lot to love with THE EXPERIMENT. This escape room is only running for a limited time so make sure to visit www.getthefoutroom.combefore it’s too late!

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