Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop) has been taken over by Marvel Superheroes at their newest exhibition.

The exhibit begins with a wonderful audio visual presentation covering the origins of super hero comics from Amazing Stories and Tarzan to modern day favorites in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

After this bit of history on the makings of Marvel, guests are treated to a fantastic collection of thoughtfully curated props and artifacts from original drawings and concept art, film, tv playing heavily to the film adaptations that your child, or the child in you will be thrilled at every turn.

MoPop has created an awesome motion tracking installation that allows you to become Iron Manand interact in real time with your environment. This alone is worth the trip.

With very high consideration to production value throughout, one feature that truly sticks out from a design aspect is the Dr. Strange installation. It’s mirror tricks and prismatic reflective sleight of hand makes it easily one on the best installs I’ve ever seen in a public space.

Black Panther is in full effect with several amazing costume pieces and a great full size photo opportunity. Expect a log jam here, Marvel’s man in black is king of the show.

Amidst the film and television hoopla, the exhibit stays true to the form by having a Reading area where guests and purists can enjoy a nice selection of books with friends in a plush modern setting.

While there was a significant amount of content curated for this that would make any comic reader shiver with delight, and I did several times, I would have loved to have seen more about the X-Men. That being said, due to the jaw dropping collection, all is forgiven.

Incredibly well produced and designed, don’t miss the Marvel exhibit at MoPop. Worth a weekend in Seattle for travelers anytime, and locals must see.

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