SEX MADNESS REVEALED premiered at Overlook Film Festival on April 20th and was directed by Tim Kirk, also known for Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein (2015) and Room 237(2012). I know a lot of people who enjoyed Room 237, but I was not one of them. That could be the reason I had difficulty getting into SEX MADNESS REVEALED. This film is mockumentary style and features the voice of Patton Oswalt as podcaster Jimmy Morris, who has a podcast called The Film Dick, which I thought was kind of brilliant. Jimmy does a show about the 1939 film Sex Madness, and his guest is Dr. Chester Holloway (Rob Zabrecky), who is the grandson of the director of the infamous movie. Sex Madness is a real movie that was featured on a double bill with Reefer Madness, a popular cult film. Both films are parodies of educational films that promote propaganda. Reefer Madness deals with the so-called horrific consequences of smoking marijuana while Sex Madness warns against promiscuity and venereal diseases.

SEX MADNESS REVEALED reminded me a lot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 because Jimmy and Chester actually watch and discuss Sex Madness with the viewer, minus their little heads in front of the screen in the theater. Instead we only hear their voices while Chester reveals the heinous secrets behind the making of the 1939 film. As Chester describes each scene from the film and divulges that most of the actors were infected with Syphilis and were also being supplied with drugs like heroin during filming, he is heard coughing and having difficulty breathing and it appears that he is suffering from some kind of illness. Chester has brought his man servant with him to the podcast and calls on him several times to bring him a drink. Even though the lurid details of Sex Madness are certainly intriguing, I was more interested in knowing what the hell was going on with Chester, his family and his health.

I really tried to get into SEX MADNESS REVEALED, but the pacing was incredibly slow at times and the film didn’t hold my attention. I do think Patton Oswalt was entertaining as Jimmy Morris energetically trying to solve the mystery of the film Sex Madness, and the air of secrecy surrounding Chester was provocative. Overall, I was unfortunately personally disappointed in this film, but I do believe there are plenty of people who would find it appealing. SEX MADNESS REVEALEDcontains similar zaniness to that of Reefer Madness, but with the modern addition of the podcast and the quest of hopefully exposing buried secrets. As compelling as the finale was, I still found myself feeling disenchanted with SEX MADNESS REVEALED.


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