BUS PARTY TO HELL, written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky, is exactly what you expect it to be: a party bus filled with unsuspecting sex crazed twenty-somethings on a one-way ticket to, well, hell. Making a slight change to the plot of the 1975 satanic cult film Race with the DevilBUS PARTY TO HELL promises “burners” a free ride to Black Rock City, where they can experience the radical and carnal temporary metropolis of Burning Man. Unfortunately, their bus driver has other plans for them and brings them face to face with a blood thirsty satanic cult.

Admittedly, the big draw for me going into the movie was seeing the Sharknado franchise superhero, Tara Reid, star in yet another outrageous film. However, Reid only graces us with a cameo. The movie opens with the frantic Darby (Reid) and Lloyd running around the desert desperately trying to find the highway as they flee from a satanic cult. When they start to disagree about which way is the right direction, Darby makes an impetuous decision and beheads Lloyd. Her fears are instantly realized as the decapitated head starts threatening to “rip her tits off”. Darby runs off and encounters a half-naked model and a skeezy photographer and tries to warn them about their impending doom. This is when we learn that the worshippers can hear you anywhere and actualize your biggest fears, a concept that does not seem to flow very well throughout the rest of the movie.

Once Reid fulfills her role, we shift to the party bus where shirts are off and pheromones are free flowing as the gratuitous debauchery begins. Everything is looking great until the bus driver (Sadie Katz) takes a detour and hits something on the road, causing her to make a pit stop in the middle of the desert and then suddenly disappear. The partygoers step off the bus and wait around for the driver to return, but without any sign of the driver or cellphone reception they have no choice but to wait for the imminent evil to trickle in.

As night falls, demonically clad satanic worshippers emerge from the fog. Axes, hammers, machetes and bow and arrows are used to destroy everything in their path. They even impregnate a partygoer with a snake and feed on her rock-candy intestines (awesome). The few who escape back to the bus learn that they need to sacrifice a virgin (duh.) and so try to rectify the situation –  but as movies like these goes, further decimation will only ensue.

BUS PARTY TO HELL is not a movie you have to watch but if you are in the mood for a B-rated, mindless, bloody, lewd flick then give it a go. The cast clearly had a lot of fun making this movie, enough so that they jokingly tease at a sequel: Party Bus 2 Hell and Back. Ehh… we’ll see.

Protip: Don’t watch this sober.

BUS PARTY TO HELL is now available on VOD from Gravitas Ventures

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