Hello, boils and ghouls! I love covering festivals and spreading the word about upcoming films that are must-sees. Over the past year I’ve covered a plethora of different ones, but this is my first time with the Chattanooga Film Festival. I’ve always heard great things about this one, so it’s definitely an honor. First up for review is the film LESSER BEASTS!

LESSER BEASTS is directed and written by Casey T. Malone and stars Anieya Walker, Alice Wilson, Josh B. Bryan, and more. The film centers around four stories and one mystery. A young woman stumbles out of the wilderness dirtied and silent, setting into motion a series of events millions of years in the making. Four strangers’ lives are entangled in a surreal and atmospheric journey to solve the puzzle they have all unwittingly become a part of.

What I loved about LESSER BEASTS is the choice to film it in black and white. It made a big impact on the film and was far more dramatic and eerie. Along with this the cinematography was top notch and the attention to detail was appreciated. It was as though each shot meant something and focus was crucial.

It was also very emotionally driven with strong performances and interesting characters. However, I will admit that the story was a bit hard for me to follow. There was a lot going on and the storyline wasn’t very clear. I found myself lost in translation most of the film. I think it’s one you need to watch more than once to fully understand.

Overall, LESSER BEASTS is unlike anything out there and will definitely give you something to think about. Having just had it’s World Premiere at the Chattanooga Film Festival this is definitely a film you will want to keep your eye on.

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