RUN RABBIT is a new, short horror film, written and directed by Emily Haigh (Dead Wrong, Beautified). It stars Emily Haigh (Jane Eyre, “Horizon”) herself, Elizabeth Dyer (Little Thief), and Rebecca Hanssen (“Creeped Out”).

RUN RABBIT follows the story of three girls – Loretta, a fairly innocent victim, and her bullies, Tia and Sasha. What unfolds is short tale of swift revenge, costly to the perpetrators.

The finer points –
The plot of the film is fairly straight-forward – the innocent victim of inssessent bullying exacts revenge on her bullies. The pacing plays out well enough for a film of its length; however, a little more lead up to or inclusivity as to just how terrible these bullies are would have been preferable, particularly due to Loretta’s early fate. Either way, given it’s a short film, this isn’t much of an issue.

The performance involved from each of the actors is good and well enough, given the plot. They play their parts in equal measure – the sympathetic bully who feels wrong when the line is crossed; the hard-edged bully who could care less; and the victim turned vindictive. I felt most for the sympathetic bully, Tia, having to essentially lose her life over remorsefulness. Hats off to Elizabeth Dyer on that one!

Where the film shines, in my view, is its use of sound, and its cinematography. Beautifully shot, soft color, lit well. Best of all, its sound design and minimal music. I’m always of fan of these particular tenants, when produced right, and I’ve got to hand it to the team for their production value – superb.

The only issue I take with the film is its use of some typical ‘horror’ go-to’s. I understand – they’re there, they’re recognizable, they’re usable, and people tend to like them. Not every horror movie, regardless of its length, intends to reinvent the genre. I get that. I’ve just seen them before, as most have, and it would have been nice to see a little something new brought to the table. Again, not a deal breaker, per say – just something to consider upon viewing.

A fun, short film romp. Small cast, great production, great little twist end – what’s not to love? Like a fun little fictional fable to read before bed. You’ll have a chance to see it, I’m sure, and when you do – quickly walk, maintaining focus on your heels, and don’t RUN RABBIT!

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