Boston Underground Film Festival Review: KNOCK KNOCK II

I always love a good short film that provides absolutely no context. That is exactly what I got from watching KNOCK KNOCK II. Having not seen the first one (if there even is a first one) may have been the reason I felt the film was lacking content; however, I enjoyed checking it out regardless.

The film opens with a huskier gentleman wearing woman’s clothing and dancing (terribly) to a Shirley Temple video. Seeing a grown man, dressed in a tutu, ‘entertaining’ his victim was a disturbing sight all in of itself. On top of that, he does this weird grunting/humming that sounded as if it was intended to not be human. This proved to be effective in terms of generally weirding out the viewer.

The victim in this short is tied to a rocking chair. When their face is revealed, you catch a long, solid look at a disgusting eye injury to the victim’s right eye. The prosthetic were totally effective and super gross. I have a hard time watching “eye and teeth” things when it comes to damaging body parts so this made me shudder.

As his victim, who is basically non-responsive, doesn’t react in a positive manner, the man begins to slightly panic. He grabs a string of big bulb Christmas lights and begins to tie them around her head and to the chair. The entire room is decked out in old baby dolls, what appears to be newspaper clippings, and Christmas lights. The room also has a red tint and aura to it which definitely added to the already disgusting atmosphere set in place by our antagonist.

The climax comes swiftly and in a rather gross fashion. It reminded me a lot of Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Two because the character in this film makes those underdeveloped, child like noises. This short may not be for all; however, I do see it fitting nicely in the “Bites” section on the streaming service Shudder. The makeup was totally effective and there was a grungy-dirty vibe to the whole film. Overall, I found KNOCK KNOCK II to be intriguing.

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