Hello my fellow friends of the strange and spooky. I just checked out something that I find to be absolutely brilliant but do not let the title fool you. This was a short film titled DEATH VAN by Michael Enzbrunner.

The only thing I was clear on about this short was the fact that it is animated. Considering the title is called DEATH VAN I was expecting some sort of Carpenter nod to Christine about a stoner van or many some sort of killer Mystery Machine. However, this short was totally the opposite of what I was expecting.

This is a musical short that reminded me of some sort of Arena Rock group. The title DEATH VAN still didn’t make much sense to me but I’ll tell you here, the music was fantastic. Combining elements of what sounded like synth wave, Pink Floyd and Rush; I was totally in love.

The characters in this short were completely bizarre and looked like some sort of screwed up toy created by Sid in Toy Story. This included miscellaneous household items, old holiday decor, a hand with a single cyclops eye that plays guitar and some sort of Jesus John Lennon looking drummer.

Another thing I found quite compelling was the fact that this short, in it’s entirety, appeared to be some sort of psychedelic fever dream. There were a ton of psychedelic aspects to this short, all the way down to the ending credits which appeared to be scrolling and appearing in some sort of psychedelic dreamy haze.

I really enjoyed DEATH VAN, although I feel that general movie fans might find it hard to understand, or even enjoy. A good thing to note is that fans of horror and odd films in general should find a nice cozy place in their hearts for this short. I noticed a mention of DEATH VAN being a VR experience as well, which if so, I’d really love to look into that to have my mind utterly blown.

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