Nightmarish Detour Movie Review: BEST F(R)IENDS

Hello my fellow movie fans! I recently had the opportunity to check out a new film written by Greg Sestero, author of The Disaster Artist, from Sestero Pictures, titled BEST F(R)IENDS. The film follows a drifter who encounters a quirky mortician resulting in a friendship where both learn a lesson about friendship and loyalty.

Man oh man. Another film starring Tommy Wiseau but on a higher scale budget. I was totally ready to sink my teeth into it. I was in such anticipation to view this movie after checking out the trailer yet I still had no idea what I was getting myself into. It’s really easy to assume that the film wouldn’t be your run of the mill thriller, yet it was totally bizarre and right on the money in it’s description.

The way the plot plays out in this film is actually heart warming in a sense but totally unusual at the same time. John, played by Greg Sestero, is a drifter that finds his way into Santa Monica. As you see John wandering around Los Angeles, you can’t help but notice the beautiful cinematography. This is of course prior to him meeting Harvey, an extremely odd mortician played by Tommy Wiseau.

The camera shots of Los Angeles (and Vegas later in the film) had my mind in complete awe and gave me an appreciation of the architecture in Los Angeles. The shots of Vegas, being all too familiar, gave me a feeling of nostalgia and wonder. The way the lights and buildings were captured actually had me longing to be back there. I also appreciated the shot of the sticker in Harvey’s storage locker as well as a shot of a DVD copy of THE ROOM which you quickly catch a glimpse of at a point in the film.

There are periods of the film where you can actually feel the writing romanticizing the friendship between John and Harvey as they work together. Especially during their trip to Vegas, the montage of them wandering around having fun in the streets, screwing around, lighting off fireworks in the desert. However, you can definitely see the conflict begin to between the two friends as John meets a woman named Traci, played by Kristen StephensonPino, and he starts to uncover the truth about Harvey. This comes to light particularly after they become business partners in a highly lucrative, yet dangerous business, involving the sale of gold teeth scraps that Harvey recovered during autopsies over the years.

As the mystery of Harvey unfolds you soon discover that he’s a man in debt with rumors that he pays off in order to continue maintaining his business. This quickly becomes potentially violent which I’m assuming we’ll see in the second installment of the film. Yes, this is a “two-parter” and I am highly intrigued to learn more about Harvey, John and how their friendship will turn out.

Aside from the drama in the film, there are scenes that are rather funny. One thing in particular I found to be funny was a scene where John shows up at Harvey’s mortuary and there’s a dead clown on the autopsy table. Harvey explains to John that the man is from a Clown Family and that they requested nothing to be removed from the body, after which Harvey tells John that the man died from swallowing a candle and also shoving one up his ass. I then shows the candle up the ass of the clown in an X-ray.

You can’t really touch on the charm that Wiseau displays when he’s on camera. Some says he’s a hack or just an actor so bad that he’s lovable. Some might also agree that he’s totally genuine. I can attest to the latter. I personally think the chemistry between Sestero and Wiseau on-screen is incomparable, natural and down right honest.

All in all, after watching BEST F(R)IENDS, I cannot wait for the second half of this film to be released. The trailer hints to the fact that it has likely already been filmed and is awaiting a strategic release date. Until then, I”ll be waiting in anticipation to find out what happens between Harvey and John.

Treat yourself to Wiseau and Sestero in BEST F(R)IENDS, you’ll find yourself completely surprised.

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