THE REALM OF DEEPEST KNOWING, where one digs beneath the surface of the other to reach the deepest place of his heart during struggles. It lightens up the darkness. They fulfill one another within the sense of oneness. This is an original animation by animator and writer Seeung-hee kim and is his second film to date.

It is wonderfully animated with two characters sketched on boxes (almost like origami) and there lives are shattered when two hands come in and ‘attack’ them. One character is left to mourn the loss of the other, embarking on a journey to find happiness, love, and self-worth.

The music is fun – a bit upbeat for such a dark story but it does a bit more chaotic as the story unfolds and I love the animation and the use of the origami boxes. I really thought that was fun and clever. When the character moves into the real of deepest knowing they are removed from the box to run among the darkness. It makes them feel less constrained. It’s also very poetic. Animation can be such a beautiful way to tell a story.

THE REALM OF DEEPEST KNOWING┬ácomes in at under four minutes (3 minutes and a half actually) and I think it’s a unique and fascinating short film to have been screened at the Boston Underground Film Festival.

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