Boston Underground Film Festival Review: MOTHER FUCKER (2017)

This weekend I became a victim of “title assumption.” Title assumption is when you see the title of a film and you assume you know what it’s about when, in fact, you are sorely mistaken. I sat down to watch the Boston Underground Film Festival short film MOTHER FUCKER and now I’m emotionally scarred. I blame myself. I should have found the fact that the title was two words and not one suspicious.

There’s no way NOT to talk about this movie and give almost everything away so, here it goes. Charles (Nick Bailey), a poor man’s Cillian Murphy, and yet somehow more attractive, shows up at his mother’s VERY extra house to try and get her to sign some paperwork from the family lawyer that would allow him to access the family’s accounts.

His poor fur baby, Eric, has been kidnapped and is being ransomed for his life. Of course Charles has to comply with their dastardly plans. His mother (Alison Fraser) however has…conditions *full body shivers*. I’m not sure what’s creepier- the behavior of the mother or the paint-by-number “portrait” of the late father in the corner of the overly extravagant room.

This short was written and directed by Nicholas Payne Santos. I’m not sure what was going through his mind when he wrote this and I’m not sure I want to know. This short was shot only in one location but it’s effective. I was properly grossed out almost immediately. Fraser lays the creep factor on thick and I found myself making a disgusted face the entire time.

If you want to see a short film that will make you kind of chuckle while simultaneous making you want to vomit in your mouth and then take a lava shower, than MOTHER FUCKER is for you. And if this is your favorite short film…well, then maybe you should probably see someone about that.

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