The follow up to the 2013 experimental experience entitled The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears finds French film artists Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani returning for another sensory diversion that reflects part 1970’s Euro cinema, moody spaghetti western, underhanded heist thriller and even hints of a supernatural fever dream in LET THE CORPSES TAN. Known for their very visual style and compositions that bend the timeline, offer a color palette not seen on the planet earth and strong symbolism, LET THE CORPSES TAN needs multiple watching’s to fully immerse yourself into each thick and detailed layer of this movie. Crazier than a bag of cats, the movie revolves around a heist gone wrong and the results of the gang, locals, victims and the cops going to war for gold. Just like great pieces of cinema that involve greed and humanity as core themes for its storytelling, LET THE CORPSES TAN unravels the human monster to find balance. Similar to a Tilt-A-Whirl at the local carnival, LET THE CORPSES has no rules. It spins you around and hopes you hang on for the full ride.


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