A zany combination of live action anime, the awkwardness of puberty, and girl power, BFF GIRLS is the new short film from director Brian Lonano, who is known for his horror short films Gwilliam(2015) and Crow Hand (2014). The film is produced by Sixx Tape Productions (The Stylist) and features a cameo by producer Jill Gevargizian.

BFF GIRLS tells the story of three nerdy American girls who are best friends and what happens when one of the girls gets her period for the first time.  The BFF GIRLS are forced to use their magical ability to transform into Japanese Superheroes to battle their archenemy, Fabuloso Doom. Doom is a bad guy with a cape and great hair who wants to steal the BFF GIRLS’ powers. With the aid of his evil mirror, he concocts a bizarre plan to create a ‘tampon monster’ that has the ability to harvest energy from girls when they are having their period. Through the use of lots of blood, bad puns about menstruation, and even a stuffed cat with a perverted sense of humor, BFF GIRLSsucceeds at being both educational and cheerfully campy.  There are even a few laugh out loud moments, and I appreciate that this film conveys a positive message, but is able to be so weird, wacky and fun. BFF GIRLS had it’s World Premiere at the Boston Underground Film Festival, March 24th as part of the Comedy? Maybe! Block.

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