For the release of Zak Bagan’s upcoming documentary, DEMON HOUSE, Shannon spoke with Father Mike Maginot about his experiences with the “house of 200 demons”. During their talk, Father Mike shared his story about working with the Ammon family which included LaToya Ammon and her three children; a daughter and two sons. The former residents of the home experienced supernatural occurrences including physical contact, possessions, and levitation and Father Maginot was on hand to perform an exorcism on LaToya Ammon to free her and her family from any demonic entities.

Nightmarish Conjurings: Hi Father Mike, thank you so much for speaking with me today. To start things off, can you tell us how you first became involved with the supposed “Demon House”? 

Father Mike Maginot: My first involvement was basically by accident. I happened to be on call for the priest chaplain for the two Methodist Hospitals in our area. On that Friday morning, I got a call from the Methodist chaplain that I needed to come over and do an exorcism. He mentioned that some professionals saw a boy walk up the wall backwards. Upon seeing that they ran out of there and called me and the police. I told them I had to get permission from the Bishop to do [an exorcism] and that I would need to interview the family.

The children, in the mean time, were taken away so I visited with their mother and grandmother, LaToya and Rosa, and it was during that time that they told me their whole story and what they were experiencing in this house. At the very end [of the meeting] I saw that LaToya seemed to be affected as well and may also be possessed. I placed a crucifix on her and she began to convulse so I took it off and informed her that she had one of the signs, an aversion to holy objects.

Nightmarish Conjurings: Do you think there was a specific reason why these demonic entities were attaching themselves to this family? 

FMM: I think it was a perfect storm. I later discovered there was poured concrete in their basement but underneath the steps there was dirt, almost as if someone broke the concrete and created something underneath those steps. The policeman were willing to dig in there to see if there was anything buried and they found two sets of three objects. One was buried about 2′ deep and the other about 2-1/2′ deep. We knew that some sort of ritual [had to have taken place there]. One of the objects seemed to surround an old woman while the others seemed to surround a young boy.

Nightmarish Conjurings: Have you had any contact with the Ammon family since the exorcism? 

FMM: After the third exorcism, which was at the end of June, we were going to plan a fourth exorcism mainly because one personality didn’t manifest. LaToya was supposed to get back to me on when she could see me again but I never heard back. This was unique for her because she would call me all the time, I just figured no news was good news. She finally called me in October because she wanted a rosary and she was coming up to attend the trail for getting her children back. We arranged a time but she never showed up. I didn’t hear anything until a reporter called me about a year or so later, she had gotten wind of the story and had interviewed LaToya. I found out LaToya was fine and her kids were fine. The reporter wanted to interview me and LaToya said it was fine to talk with her as long as I didn’t give out the names of her children. The interview happened twice because the first time everything that was recorded ended up getting erased. The reporter came back a second time and this time had an actual professional videographer and sound people to make sure everything got recorded.

Nightmarish Conjurings: How has your life changed since performing these exorcisms? 

FMM: I’ve since had 16 different subjects, LaToya was the first one and it seemed like once it got out of her it got out of the children. All the other requests came after the story broke. I was getting calls all over the country but my Bishop only allowed me to do those in the area. Those I couldn’t help I talked with and directed them to the right person in their area. Of course there is also Zak’s documentary and there is interest in doing a movie in the future, so it’s been quite different (laughs).

DEMON HOUSE will arrive in select theaters and VOD platforms March 16.

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