SXSW Film Festival Movie Review: A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART (2018)
Stlll from A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART | Credit: Cheyenne – Jo Voets

Are you pumped for the SXSW 2018 Film Festival? Well, you should be! There are so many amazing films that are premiering including the drama/thriller, A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART.

A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART was directed and written by Jérémie Guez based on the novel by Dannie M. Martin. The cast includes Roland Møller, Lola Le Lann, Veerle Baetens, and Lubna Azabal.

Even know someone in which trouble always seems to find them? Well, that’s what it’s like for Danny, played by Roland Møller. He’s an ex-con who is trying to make an honest man out of himself in a new, quiet town staying at a motel run by a single mom and working as a dishwasher. Everything is going great until the mom’s daughter is assaulted. He ends up acting on his emotions and his past comes flooding back.

A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART is a film filled with so much heart, pain, and badassary. The story is intriguing, the character development is spot-on with amazing performances, and the suspense is just enough.

This isn’t just your average ex-con trying to do good type of film. It’s much more than that and shows that there’s far more to a person than their appearance of their past. Any person who is good of heart can easily commit a crime in a blink of an eye. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, yeah it was illegal, but was it wrong? In this case, I think not.

I love how they took the time to build a relationship between the characters. It wasn’t overdone and it served a purpose for A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART. It helped carry the storyline and make the tragic events that follow intense and heartfelt. When Clara (Lann) is assaulted, Danny doesn’t think twice. He acts on emotions and takes care of her the best way he knows how. It was such a raw, agonizing, and intensely emotional scene.

Speaking of Danny, Roland Møller delivers a brilliant performance from beginning to end. He dominates the screen and you can’t wait to see what he’ll do next or what he’ll say next. I loved his character, it suited him perfectly, and I can’t wait to see more of his films in the future.

Overall, I highly recommend A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART. It reminded me of past films such as The Professional where an unlikely friendship forms between a child and adult, where trust and loyalty build through tragic circumstances. If you love films with an incredible amount of heart, necessary drama, and badass characters, then A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART is for you.

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