YULETIDE TERROR: CHRISTMAS HORROR ON FILM AND TELEVISION, edited by Paul Corupe and Kier-la Janisse, is a comprehensive look at the Christmas holiday in horror entertainment. This is probably the most comprehensive book on the topic and probably the best I have ever seen. The book contains interviews with film stars and director, such as Gilmer McCormick, Lewis Jackson, and Jeff Mandel, among others, and presents history, such as the controversy following SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, along with analytical perspectives all by various writers and journalists familiar with the horror genre, such as Andrea Subissati of Rue Morgue Magazine.

YULETIDE TERROR covers every film you can think of from classics like A CHRISTMAS CAROL to more modern films like P2 and KRAMPUS. Don’t worry, lesser known films like WHOEVER SLEW AUNTIE ROO and topics such as killer kids and slaying Santas are all covered as well. Information is packed into the book’s nearly 500 pages and each essay contains a bibliography that you can use at your leisure for further research.

Each portion of the book is written to a high standard, yet does not read too academic to be boring. YULETIDE TERROR is informative, entertaining, and remains interesting from cover to cover.

To purchase a copy of YULETIDE TERROR: CHRISTMAS HORROR ON FILM AND TELEVISION, visit www.spectacularoptical.ca.

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