Every year, an event is held by the Screenland Armour in North Kansas City, MO called Panic FestPanic Fest is a horror film festival that brings together horror films, horror short films and venders in one place to share their wares with fans and media alike.

This year, the films everyone was excited for was Mayhem, Victor Crowley, Mohawkand Lowlife among many others like Mom and Dad and Tigers Are Not Afraid. And lest we forget the big surprise reveal days before the fest, The Movie Crypt Podcast was taping live.

After Adam Green was in Kansas City last October for the premier screening of Victor Crowley during his “Dismember America” tour, it is well known he immediately texted Joe Lynch and told him he needed to visit. By his own recognition, Kansas City had a certain feeling to it, camaraderie and community that was hard to find. And much to the happiness of the city, Adam returned with Joe and Arwen in tow for the special live taping of The Movie Crypt Podcast.

The small theater has only two screens, making the environment intimate and close. The great thing about Panic Fest, or any horror convention in the city, is that you see the same people. The fans, vendors and filmmakers always come out and it’s like a reunion. Among some of the vendors were Acid Bath Productions, Atomic Cotton, the illustrator and artist Ryan Wheaton, specialty Jason mask makers, among many others.

Local podcast company Phantom Podcast Network came to do their own live taping and there was a zombie shooting booth. It was a fun way to pass the time in between screenings. Kansas City didn’t let Joe Lynch down with the wild and rowdy audience for Mayhem and the encore of Victor Crowley brought fans in droves. Check out our review of Mohawk or our interview with director Ted Geoghagen. And Lowlifeleft the crowd entertained and wanting more.

The belle of the ball, for me as a massive fan of the show “Holliston”, was having the dream team of Adam and Joe (and Arwen, the real star) all together. While the size of the horror community in Kansas City may be more modest than in other places, it’s hard to find a more supportive, loud or interactive crowd. The taping of the podcast was entertaining, raw and informative. And Arwen farted through the entire thing, making me thank God, for once, that I wasn’t in VIP seating. Although, with a theater like at Screenland the whole place is amazing seating.

We send a huge thank you to the creators of the fest Tim Canton and Adam Roberts (who owns the Screenland Theater) for working hard and bringing all of these amazing people together. Panic Fest 2018 was one for the books and we’ll see you next year.

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