Movie Review: DIVERGE (2016)

DIVERGE, directed and written by James Morrison, is a science fiction thriller that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. A terrible virus has spread through the human population and has torn apart life as Chris Towne (Ivan Sandomire) knows it. While trying to survive on the outskirts of the city, he comes across another survivor that leads to him waking up in an alternate universe in which his wife and child are still alive. He is given the opportunity to make changes to his past in order to live the future he wishes he had.

The concept of DIVERGE is nothing new and unfortunately, the film is unable to explore the premise with a new perspective in order to keep it interesting. It starts slow and has minimal dialog, allowing for the reflection on relationships and life, but it fails to resonate with the viewer before it becomes boring. In addition to a well-worn plot, the film carries over-acting from the main cast, which makes it near impossible to keep the mind within the film’s world.

DIVERGE picks up its pace towards the end with some more action-packed sequences and important decisions made by Chris regarding the cure for the virus, but it never grasps the attention needed to be a good film. If you’re caught between watching this film and staring at a wall, by all means, watch DIVERGE, but I guarantee that you’ll find your mind wandering and wishing you had chosen to do something else instead.

DIVERGE arrives on VOD and iTunes February 6, 2018.

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